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Gaia Products

Our products are exclusively made in Italy and entirely produced in the factory in Castel Goffredo. Our socks are created with refined yarns supplied by the best Italian companies in the sector.

Spaccio interno del calzificio gaia

Gaia outlet

Our production only concerns women’s and girls’ synthetic fiber articles: polyamide, spandex, Lycra e Polypropylene. Through our organization we are able to produce tailor made samples for our customers.  





Filanca 15/20/30/40/60 2/3/4 XL back gusset 7 and 14 cm.
Girl 40/50/60 from 3 a 15 years
All kind of fantasy (collant, Leggings) from 20 to 70 2/3/4 , olso ironed
Knee-highs and Socks (in filanca stretch microfiber and lycra fantasy) from 15 to 70 olso ironed
Lycra or elasthane (only with threads covered with pants or tights) 10/15/20/40 2/3/4 with gusset and XL / XXL with gus by 7 or 14 cm. crumpled, stretched or steam fixed.
Microfiber 30/40/50/60 2/3/4 with gusset ironed.
Leggings (filanca o Microfiber) 40/60/70 2/3/4 with or without gusset also ironed
Stretch 15 2/3/4 XL back gusset 7 and 14 cm.